ECHO’s PRO ENVIRONMENT approach includes three distinct segments:

Technology Conservation Sustainability

Environmental awareness is a cornerstone of ECHO’s and Yamabiko's corporate philosophy for 3 decades. We have a long history of developing technology, relationships, and processes that keep the environment at the forefront. Whether it’s emissions reduction, contributing to conservation initiatives and habitat restoration, or a recycling program, we are proud of the achievements we’ve made an are committed to future initiatives.

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The talk today is all about engine technology and its impact on emissions and fuel economy. ECHO has been a leader in technological innovation for 30 years. We are continually developing equipment that is more productive and more efficient. ECHO’s uses only professional-grade, 2-stroke engines that are emissions compliant and fuel-efficient. In fact, ECHO engines meet or exceed EPA and CARB emissions levels as well as reduce fuel consumption. Here are just some of the facts about ECHO 2-stroke engines and emissions:

  • ECHO has reduced engine emissions on most models by up to 85% since 1997
  • ECHO has more engine families (15) that meet or exceed EPA-required emission levels than any other outdoor power equipment manufacturer
  • ECHO has more models (100% of our product line) certified to the EPA’s highest useful life rating (Category ‘A’ or 300 Hours) than any other outdoor power equipment manufacturer
  • ECHO engines are far more fuel efficient than their counterparts produced just a few years ago
  • ECHO has produced more than 2 million products that use the latest 2-stroke technology
  • ECHO professional-grade, 2-stroke technology can be found in every ECHO model today. 

Emissions Compliance

We're proud to be the industry leader in developing emissions-compliant engine technologies – in fact there are over 50 ECHO models that meet or exceed EPA emission requirements – including:

  • Chain Saws
  • CS-310
  • CS-352
  • CS-370
  • CS-400
  • CS-450
  • Power Pruners®
  • PPF-225
  • PPF-266
  • PPT-266S
  • PPT-266H
  • Trimmers
  • GT-225
  • GT-225i
  • GT-230
  • SRM-225
  • SRM-225i
  • SRM-225SB
  • SRM-230
  • SRM-230S
  • SRM-266
  • SRM-266S
  • SRM-266T
  • Brushcutters
  • SRM-225U
  • SRM-230U
  • SRM-266U
  • Pro Attachment Series™
  • PAS-225
  • PAS-230
  • PAS-266
  • Edgers
  • PE-225
  • PE-230
  • PE-266
  • PE-266S
  • Blowers
  • PB-250
  • PB-251
  • PB-255
  • PB-265L
  • PB-460LN
  • PB-500H
  • PB-500T
  • PB-770H
  • PB-770T
  • Shred ‘N’ Vacs®
  • ES-210
  • ES-230
  • ES-255
  • Hedge Trimmers
  • HC-150
  • HC-150i
  • HC-155
  • HC-155-20
  • HC-165
  • HC-185
  • HC-225
  • HC-235
  • HC-245
  • SHC-225
  • SHC-225S
  • SHC-266
  • HCA-266

5 Year Commercial & 2 Year Commercial Warranty

That’s quite a list of models showcasing incredible 2-stroke technology!

In fact ECHO products are built so well using breakthrough technologies and quality manufacturing, that we’re able to offer a rock solid 5 YEAR Consumer Warranty and a dependable 2 YEAR Commercial Warranty. Buy with confidence!

Low Noise Engine Technology

But engine technology isn’t solely related to emissions and fuel consumption. Blower noise has become a hot topic and no manufacturer has more “Low Noise” blowers than ECHO. In fact, ECHO was the first manufacturer to produce a 65dB(A)-rated blower and the only one with handheld blowers rated this low. The ECHO PB-251, PB-255, PB-265L and PB-460LN models are all rated at 65dB(A) (per ANSI B175.2-2002), which is the lowest in the industry and what many communities require for “noise sensitive environments”. And ECHO remains the leader in low-noise blowers having produced over 1,000,000 units since 2000. A blower’s impact on the environment goes beyond simply using a low-noise, low-emissions model however, so we encourage you to read this PDF about Proper Leaf Blower Use or check out the Leaf Blower Noise website.   You can also view guidelines on proper blower operation which details acceptable leaf blower use.

ECHO “Low Smoke” Oil Technology

ECHO PowerBlend Xtended Life Oil

ECHO PowerBlend® XTended Life™ oil is yet another technological innovation by ECHO. This oil, made exclusively for ECHO, is specifically formulated to provide low smoke exhaust and other engine-helpful benefits. As a result of extensive research, PowerBlend® XTended Life™ oil:

  • Is a synthetic blend oil that’s certified for use in all air-cooled, 2-stroke, outdoor power equipment engines
  • Exceeds ISO-L-EGD and JASO M345/FD requirements
  • Has superior cleaning capabilities
  • Minimizes exhaust port blockage
  • Protects against rust, wear and corrosion
  • Contains a fuel stabilizer that doubles fuel life
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A well-rounded environmental program needs to go beyond technology. ECHO is committed to manufacturing equipment to maintain your home and support the preservation of habitats. Through conservation partnerships with like-minded wildlife organizations, ECHO has had a hand in restoring millions of acres of both wetland and upland habitat. Two recent programs involve "Tree as a Crop™" and "Eco4 the Planet™".

"Tree as a Crop™" uses the facilities of the Rodale Institute in Kutztown, PA to demonstate to farmers and landowners the envrinomental and ecomonic potential of properly growing and harvesting trees. The information learned from the project will be used by the Rodale Institute to educate a broader audience to the benefits of trees in capturing carbon while providing a diversified income stream for farmers and their communities.

Phase I involved the February 2010 clearing and planting of slow growth hard woods and fast growing soft woods to demonstate the cost advantages and maintenance differentials. The program planted four times the amount of land cleared. One fast growing soft wood species planted was the Castanea Hybrid, the only American Chestnut species that survives disease. ECHO and ECHO Bear Cat equipment was donated for the clearing of invasive trees and bushes and will be used to maintain the trees as they grow. No chemical herbicides or pesticides will be used in the Tree as a Crop process.

The second initiative is “Eco4 the Planet™” which involves the Rodale Institute and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. In this project three thousand trees will be planted and organically grown at The Kellogg Conservation Center, a working organic farm located in Berkshire County, MA and adjacent to the world-renowned Appalachian National Scenic Trail. The April 2010 clearing and planting is an extension of the “Tree as a Crop™ initiative, while also serving as an organic community-supported agriculture demonstration farm. ECHO and ECHO Bear Cat equipment once again are the tools of choice in this project.

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Actions taken today mean a better tomorrow so ECHO Incorporated has instituted a number of sustainability initiatives as the third part of our “PRO ENVIRONMENT” program. The EPA defines sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. ECHO has taken sustainability measures across many facets of its manufacturing process including the following achievements:

  • ECHO products are packaged in recyclable cardboard consisting of at least 35% post-consumer product
  • ECHO recycled 1,342,972 pounds of wood pallets in 2011
  • ECHO recycled 1,495,103 pounds of corrugated material in 2011
  • ECHO recycled 210,812 pounds of paper and nylon material in 2011
  • ECHO recycled 197,865 pounds of aluminum and steel in 2011
  • ECHO utilizes T5 high-output fluorescent light fixtures which cut electricity usage in half resulting in a reduction of 447,694 Kwhrs
  • ECHO uses “smart lights” in our warehouse that only illuminate when a fork lift is in the aisle
  • ECHO uses occupancy sensors in private offices and conference rooms which automatically turn off after 20 minutes when empty
  • ECHO uses large fans in the manufacturing facility to help regulate temperature and reduce energy consumption
  • ECHO has instituted a consumer electronics and battery recycling program to help keep these materials out of landfills
  • ECHO uses photo cell technology in its outdoor lighting to turn lights off during daylight hours
  • ECHO HVAC systems are controlled using programmable thermostats to heat or cool a space only when people are present
Landscape Ontario Environmental British Columbia Landscape and Nursery Association

And ECHO Power Equipment Canada (EPEC), ECHO’s exclusive Canadian distributor, is incorporating sustainability in its operations.

  • EPEC was the first recipient of the Landscape Ontario Environmental Award in 2003
  • EPEC was honored as the British Columbia Landscape and Nursery Association’s “Supplier of the Year” in 2003 for its support of campaigns to reduce urban noise and to combat forest fire damage
  • EPEC uses only recycled paper for its advertising mailers (over 2,000,000 per year!)
  • EPEC recycles all waste cardboard packaging and boxes

There are many everyday activities you can do to help lead a “sustainable” life for yourself and future generations.
Here are just a few examples:

  • Properly dispose of unused gas in all outdoor power equipment after each season, and replace the air filter, spark plug, and fuel filter of outdoor power equipment prior to each season – using fresh fuel and parts will keep equipment running at peak performance and reduce emissions
  • Take extra care when filling a gas tank; spilled gasoline releases emissions into the air
  • Fill engine fuel tanks only ¾ full allowing room for fuel expansion
  • Keep gas caps tight to prevent evaporation into the atmosphere
  • Use energy-efficient lighting like compact fluorescent bulbs that can cut energy consumption by 50%
  • A re-circulating ceiling fan can help cool your house in the summer and keep it warmer in the winter
  • Winterize your home by replacing worn weather stripping around doors and windows
  • Close unused air vents to allow better circulation to occupied rooms
  • While away for extended periods, unplug unneeded appliances like TVs, DVD players and computers – these can still draw energy even when turned off
  • Plant a tree to employ natural shade around the outside of your home reducing both temperature and energy consumption
  • When possible, seek alternative transportation methods like mass transit, car pooling, riding a bike or walking
  • Install a skylight to take advantage of natural lighting
  • Install energy-efficient doors and windows

ECHO and TurfMutt
  • ECHO is a proud to support the "TurfMutt" education initiative. TurfMutt is an educational program about the importance of personal and community green spaces developed by the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute and Discovery Education. Learn more about Turf Mutt here.

ECHO’s sustainability efforts go beyond what we do at our corporate headquarters and education. ECHO also supports community gardening and promotes the use of mulch.

ECHO and Garden Mulch

It’s happening every day, more and more municipalities are banning the burning of leaves, twigs, pruned limbs, etc. in favor of more ecologically minded alternatives. One of the alternatives is to chip or shred these materials in easily biodegradable or re-usable materials. And ECHO Bear Cat makes the most reliable machines available. Through the use of ECHO Bear Cat Chippers and Chipper/Shredders, you can re-use yard debris as mulch or compost. Benefits of mulch include:

  • Mulch blocks weed seeds from sunlight so they do not germinate
  • Mulch promotes better water retention
  • Mulch provides need nutrients as it decomposes over time
  • Mulch moderates soil temperatures

So look into mulching yard debris, instead of burning it, and you can continue sustainability efforts in your garden.

Through our “PRO ENVIRONMENT” program and its three segments:
Technology, Conservation and Sustainability, ECHO proves once again we are
the leader in the industry – and not just for product innovation.

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