Product Selector Guide

Welcome to our Product Selector Guide. This was developed to help you find the best product match for your needs.

You must answer all the questions before a product recommendation will be served. You may see more than one selection and you will always be served with a “trade-up” model for more power and performance. If you wish to change your responses or see additional selections, click the “Start Over” button to re-set the questions.

How Big is What You’re Cutting?

Sometimes it’s hard to gauge the diameter of a log. These simple, everyday items will provide a reference for a more accurate selection.

Chain Saws Selector

  • What is the most common use for your chain saw?
  • Light on-ground pruning & occasional firewood cutting
  • Regular Firewood Cutting, Landscaper, or Tree Service
  • Logging, Tree Felling
  • Climbing, in tree use
  • Describe your level of chain saw use?
  • Novice / Occasional user
  • Experienced / Professional / Frequent user
  • What is the largest diameter wood you will be cutting?
  • up to 6"
  • up to 12"
  • up to 18"
  • up to 24"
  • up to 36"
  • over 36"
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