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ECHO is proud of the durability built into every one of our products, and we are developing a library of our customers’ product testimonials. If you have a story to tell about the ECHO equipment in your garage, please send a synopsis and a photograph (if possible) using our testimonial submission form. We would be pleased to add it to our site. Below are some of the submissions to date.

  • Product Testimonials
  • Loved it

    I got to use your new SRM-225 model,loved it,i had used an older model weed trimmer, i am sorry to say that you have not fixing the problem of weed and things wrapping around the trimmer head and mounting attachment,if you could put more space between them or put some kind of small cutting device that would cut the weed before they wrap around the shaft.Michael P.S. I cut over and acre in two days,the places where i could not mow untili could see if there were stone and other stuff.Saves on blades.

    Michael Dale,Texas USA, NT
  • Best Saw on the Market

    I was very impressed with the 355T.  As a tree guy, I thought it was well thought out.  I especially like the wrist support in the handle.  It had more than enough power.  I passed the saw around to ten of my Asplundh crews so I got the opinion of about 30 guys.  They all really liked it.  I don't know how this saw will hold up, but I have climbed with Husky's and Stihl's for 20+ years and I think this is the best saw on the market.

    Dan S. Asplundh Tree Expert Co. Camp Lake, WI
  • No Complaints

    Thus far I have absolutely no complaints with your saw.  Granted, I am a consultant and haven't used it extensively, but I have been impressed with its performance considering I have always been partial to Stihl's MS-200T.  Your saw is lightweight, durable and powerful enough to tackle the jobs I've used it on to date.  It's been ideal for my use.

    Chris S. Battlefield, MO
  • My Go-To Saw

    Working for a municipality, I need durable and long-lasting equipment.  From 100 degree days to days below zero, the new ECHO CS-355T topper is definitely my go-to saw.

    Chris E. Wauconda Public Works Wauconda, IL
  • Perfect For the Job

    In addition to being a professional arborist for five years, I am also a homeowner and often need a small chain saw to limb up a tree, cut one down or prune a small bush.  The CS-355T is perfect for the job.  It's very comparable to the Stihl 020T chain saw.  It takes very little effort to start and idles smoothly.  Perhaps one drawback is that it seems to have less power than the Stihl  model.  Overall, it's a great chain saw - highly recommended!

    Amos G. Christiana, PA