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ECHO is proud of the durability built into every one of our products, and we are developing a library of our customers’ product testimonials. If you have a story to tell about the ECHO equipment in your garage, please send a synopsis and a photograph (if possible) using our testimonial submission form. We would be pleased to add it to our site. Below are some of the submissions to date.

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  • exclusive grounds in garden city ga an authorized warranty repair service stated they would replace the defective carburetor under the unexpired warranty. After a long wait I finally got it back supposedly with a new carburetor it would not start the first time I used it. Now the warranty is expired and I am stuck with my old cleaned, non-working carburetor and the new carburetor is in the hands of the service provider.

    bob guyton, AB
  • Re: ES-250 leaf blower-vac

    Just started the leaf blower for the first time. Started like a charm.
    It runs and performs like a premium professional grade product.
    Would recommend this quality leaf blower for any homeowner or small business landscaper alike.

    Blake Newcastle, ON
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  • Cuts like a sharp knife through butter. Was constantly repairing my other brand chainsaw and my wife was tired of watching me get frustrated with it so she headed to a local store. Knew your brand was quality and brought it back to a job site I was at. Best day ever!

    Douglas Nurse landscaping and design tech inc Kitchener, ON