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Here you will find a brief history of the company along with some of our industry firsts, information about our distribution network, read customer testimonials, watch product or chain saw carving videos, and learn about our various sponsorships.

About Us

Read about ECHO’s corporate history and see how many “product firsts” we’ve brought to the market.

Corporate Philosophy

As part of the Yamabiko Corporation of Japan, ECHO Inc. policies are in alignment with the overall business philosophy of the Yamabiko Group. That philosophy is composed of following three basic elements:

1. Essence: The nature of the corporate activities to be pursued.
2. Significant Beliefs: The roles and responsibilities to be assumed in society
3. Principles: The attitudes that each employee should take in carrying out his/her work.

Inherent in these significant beliefs and guiding principles is the understanding that ECHO Inc. will be in compliance with internationally proclaimed human rights and rejects all forms of forced labor, child labor, slavery or human trafficking. Our employees are all provided with written copies of the Yamabiko Group Philosophy, and are asked to observe the Group Philosophy in their daily behavior.  


Want to know how to wind an ECHO trimmer head or just curious about chain saw carving, well check out our extensive video library.