Pro Environment

Developing Technology, Relationships, and Processes that Keep the Environment Green


ECHO’s Pro Environment approach includes three distinct segments:

Environmental awareness is a cornerstone of ECHO’s and Yamabiko's corporate philosophy for 3 decades. We have a long history of developing technology, relationships, and processes that keep the environment at the forefront. Whether it’s emissions reduction, contributing to conservation initiatives and habitat restoration, or a recycling program, we are proud of the achievements we’ve made and are committed to future initiatives.


The talk today is all about engine technology and its impact on emissions and fuel economy. ECHO has been a leader in technological innovation for 30 years. We are continually developing equipment that is more productive and more efficient. ECHO’s uses only professional-grade, 2-stroke engines that are emissions compliant and fuel-efficient. In fact, ECHO engines meet or exceed EPA and CARB emissions levels as well as reduce fuel consumption. Here are just some of the facts about ECHO 2-stroke engines and emissions:

  • ECHO has reduced engine emissions on most models by up to 85% since 1997
  • ECHO has more engine families (15) that meet or exceed EPA-required emission levels than any other outdoor power equipment manufacturer
  • ECHO has more models certified to the EPA’s highest useful life rating (Category ‘A’ or 300 Hours) than any other outdoor power equipment manufacturer
  • ECHO engines are far more fuel efficient than their counterparts produced just a few years ago
  • ECHO has produced more than 2 million products that use the latest 2-stroke technology
  • ECHO professional-grade, 2-stroke technology can be found in every ECHO model today.


A well-rounded environmental program needs to go beyond technology. ECHO is committed to manufacturing equipment to maintain your home and support the preservation of habitats.

Through conservation partnerships with like-minded wildlife organizations, ECHO has had a hand in restoring millions of acres of both wetland and upland habitat. Two recent programs involve "Tree as a Crop™" and "Eco4 the Planet™".

"Tree as a Crop™" uses the facilities of the Rodale Institute in Kutztown, PA to demonstrate to farmers and landowners the environmental and economic potential of properly growing and harvesting trees. The information learned from the project will be used by the Rodale Institute to educate a broader audience to the benefits of trees in capturing carbon while providing a diversified income stream for farmers and their communities.

Phase I involved the February 2010 clearing and planting of slow growth hard woods and fast growing soft woods to demonstrate the cost advantages and maintenance differentials. The program planted four times the amount of land cleared. One fast growing soft wood species planted was the Castanea Hybrid, the only American Chestnut species that survives disease. ECHO and ECHO Bear Cat equipment was donated for the clearing of invasive trees and bushes and will be used to maintain the trees as they grow. No chemical herbicides or pesticides will be used in the Tree as a Crop process.


Actions taken today mean a better tomorrow so ECHO Incorporated has instituted a number of sustainability initiatives as the third part of our “PRO ENVIRONMENT” program. The EPA defines sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” ECHO has taken sustainability measures across many facets of its manufacturing process including the following achievements:

  • ECHO products are packaged in recyclable cardboard consisting of at least 35% post-consumer product
  • ECHO recycled 1,295,210 pounds of wood pallets in 2014
  • ECHO recycled 1,649,650 pounds of corrugated material in 2014
  • ECHO recycled 455,180 pounds of plastic in 2014
  • ECHO recycled 147,899 pounds of steel in 2014
  • ECHO utilizes T5 high-output fluorescent light fixtures which cut electricity usage in half resulting in a reduction of 447,694 Kwhrs
  • ECHO uses “smart lights” in our warehouse that only illuminate when a fork lift is in the aisle

Through our “PRO ENVIRONMENT” program and its three segments: Technology, Conservation and Sustainability, ECHO proves once again we are the leader in the industry – and not just for product innovation.