Hedge Trimmers

ECHO Hedge Trimmers…A Cut Above the Rest!

For professionals and discerning homeowners who demand performance, ECHO Hedge Trimmers deliver. Available in single-sided and double-sided blade configurations, as well shafted models, ECHO Hedge Trimmers are tough, reliable and loaded with intelligent features like: a throttle lock-out to help prevent accidental blade engagement, commercial-grade gear cases and cutting blades for the heaviest applications, and vibration-reducing engine mounts and padded handles for operator comfort.

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21.2cc Hedge Trimmer with 24" Blades Double-sided performance and comfortable, professional features HC-155


21.2 cc Hedge Trimmer with 20 in. Blades Superior features at an incredible value. HC-2020


21.2cc Engine Hedge Trimmer with 22 inch blades Beautify your outdoor living space when using ECHO's X Series HC-2210 hedge trimmer to trim bushes and hedges. Trimming helps increase flowering, promotes growth and removes damaged branches. Get superior cutting performance with the handheld hedge trimmers made with professional landscapers in mind. HC-2210


21.2cc Engine Hedge Trimmer with 28 inch blades Nothing adds beauty to your lawn like a well trimmed hedge. ECHO's X Series HC-2810 has 28 in blades to sculpt and shape bushes and hedges into a great addition to a relaxing environment. HC-2810


25.4 cc X-Series™ Articulating Shafted Hedge Trimmer Redefining the standard for professional shafted hedge trimmers. HCA-2620


25.4 cc X-Series™ Articulating Shafted Hedge Trimmer ECHO’s HCA-2620S is ideal for those looking for a shorter length for easier maneuverability and lighter weight. HCA-2620S


21.2cc Hedge Trimmer with 33" Shaft and i-30 Starter Double-sided performance in a comfortable, shafted design SHC-225


21.2cc Hedge Trimmer with 20" Shaft and i-30 Starter Reduced shaft length for great maneuverability and outstanding balance SHC-225S


25.4cc X-Series™ Hedge Trimmer with 21" Blades Revolutionary combination of low weight, high horsepower and superior cutting SHC-2620


25.4cc X-Series™ Hedge Trimmer with 21" Blades Short shaft, high horsepower and superior cutting SHC-2620S