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  • Fire-proof? Yup.

    I'd like to say first that ECHO is fire proof and fire extinquisher proof. Three days ago now a had some trouble with my engine and found out that i had mixed deisel instead of gas. First time that ive ever done this. the deisel was old and had a gas smell so this is how i got mixed up!! Anyways i fiqured out the problem and cleaned out the gas and put in fresh mixed. as i was cleaning it out i had the spark plug out which was giving off a spark but at the same time drops of fuel were spraying out of the plug hole. suddenly the engine caught fire and the whole engine was engulfed in flames so i waved it around until my brother got a fire estinguisher and stoped the fire. i had the air filter off at the time so we cleaned that area off with gas because of the foam, cleaned the rest of the machine, put the cap back on, primed the engine, pulled the cord and it fired up on the second pull. AMAZING.

    Brian J. Indianapolis, IN
  • Tough As Nails Hedge Trimmer!

    Right out of the box this trimmer gets an a+. I have an acre and a third of tough brush, briers, and hedges.This hedge trimmer went threw it like butter. Extremely pleased with this tough as nails trimmer! Will buy ECHO again and again!

    David A. Pembroke, MA
  • Great Products (Hedge Trimmer; Trimmer; Chain Saw)

    I personally own a ECHO hedge trimmer, string trimmer and chain saw and they are all the best equipment I have had the experience to use. I work as a landscaper for a company and Echo is the only way we go. Your products has saved us time and money on many job sites. I would not recommend a different outdoor name brand to anyone. Just wanted to let you guys know what great products you have out on the market and how they have made my everyday life easier out on the job.

    Tony Wethersfield, CT
  • ECHO Reliability (Hedge Trimmer)

    Thanks for a Reliable Product I would like to thank those at ECHO who are in charge of making sure your products are reliable. I just finished my second year of running my own landscaping business. The trimmers that I bought when I started are running without a problem, and the hedge clippers that I bought this season worked great. My employees know that we use ECHO products because they are reliable. I want all of my customers and fellow landscapers to know we use ECHO just by looking at us. Thank you for your products and services. Sincerely,

    Will Kutters Lawn Service Milford, CT
  • A Testimony to the Toughness of Your Products

    Dear sirs, I just wanted to share an incredible story with you about an ECHO product. I own an ECHO string trimmer, two SHC-212 hedge clippers, and three extended reach hedge clippers. One of the extended reach clippers, (an SHC-260) belonged to my brother who is now out of the business. He left it on his trailer after he left the business. It stayed there for several years out in the weather with only an old plastic grocery bag over the powerhead. The bag had broken down on the top from UV exposure, (It's harsh here in FL.) but the bottom was still fairly intact. It apparently filled with water every time we got rain. I finally asked my brother if I could have it for parts, and he agreed. I took it off the trailer, and removed the bag from the powerhead. I then removed the spark plug just to check the condition. I can still hardly believe what happened next. A small frog came out of the cylinder! I would not believe it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. Incidentally, my oldest brother witnessed this too. I then poured out a few ounces of water that was in the cylinder, and put in a few drops of 50:1 mix. I Pulled the starting cord a several times, and then replaced the spark plug. I turned on the ignition, and the unit started on the second pull! What a testimony to the toughness of your products. I guess the frog must have gotten in through the carburetor, because the choke was open? I don't really know, but I know what I saw. The water in the cylinder alone should have ruined the unit. Anyway, you may think this is a fabricated story, but I would not take the time to write this if it wasn't true. I hope you are as impressed with your product as I am.

    William J. Floridascape L&M Inc. Archer, FL