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  • A Great First Experience with ECHO

    I felt compelled to write to you regarding my first experience purchasing an ECHO product.  I recently purchased a home on 2.5 acres and it’s mostly level, which means a lot of yard work.  I have a friend who is a professional landscaper who suggested I look into ECHO products.  I had gone to Home Depot and stood in front of the ECHO Trimmers for about 10 minutes as I had some questions, but the 2 gentleman in the department walked past me several times and never offered me assistance.  I left Home Depot with the intent of visiting the Issaquah Honda Kubota Inc elite dealer (IHK).  I walked in to the IHK dealer and approached a gentleman at a desk there and he offered to help me.   His name was Joel Tappe.  It was like I stepped back into the 1950’s.  He asked me about my application (property) and then showed me the options.  I selected the PAS series unit and he immediately offered to assemble it and show me how it works.  I accepted and we took it to his desk and we put it together.  While assembling it he explained the trimmer and how to reload the wire and about the oil/gas mixture and information about storing it.  Once it was assembled he showed me how it worked.  Showed me how the attachments swap in/out.  He then offered to fill it for me.  I again accepted. 

    It’s experiences like this that make me feel like my business was appreciated and for that I will be going back and seeing Joel in a few weeks to purchase the hedge trimmer attachment.  When I have any power yard tool needs or questions, I will be visiting IHK and looking for Joel. 

    I tried looking for a way to provide this feedback to his manager or store owner, but couldn’t find anything on the web.  I hope this can be sent or delivered to either of those contacts…I want them to know how great my experience was thanks to Joel.

    Thank you for your time :)

    Michael G. Issaquah, WA
  • The Slickest Thing I've Ever Used!

    Ive had an ECHO string timmer for 25+ years and have done nothing but change the spark plug and air filter a few times. I maintain 5 acres with trees everywhere. I just purchased a PAS-230 system with the weed trimmer, brush cutter, and pole saw as I am clearing another 2 acres of fence row and driveway.This is the slickest thing I've ever used; easy starting, just seconds to change attachments, and so well balanced it's effortless to use. All at a very reasonable price. Well done, ECHO! Was well satisfied 25 years ago, even more so now!

    Michael Caro, MI