Fast-Loading Trimmer Head

Load line in seconds with the unique Speed-Feed® trimmer head!

1 Line up Arrows

2 Feed Line

3 Twist Top Disc

Our patented, revolutionary Speed-Feed® trimmer heads take the hassle out of refilling your trimmer head and are the easiest loading tap-to-advance heads available.

Features and Benefits
  • Reload trimmer line in 30 seconds or less!
  • Easy to load, no disassembling of head required when loading trimmer line
  • Rugged head for medium/heavy-duty applications
  • Advance line by tapping the bottom of the head on the ground
  • Smooth bottom enables the head to glide along the ground for an even cut

Available Configurations

Speed-Feed® 400

  • Maximum line diameter: .105"
  • Accepts 20' of .095" line
  • Comes pre-loaded with .095" Cross-Fire® line
SRM Models: Part# 99944200907*
GT Models: Part# 99944200908
Bulk Pkg of 24: Part# 99944200907B
*Universal head. Fits ECHO and other competitive brands.

Speed-Feed® 450

  • High Capacity - maximum line diameter: .130"
  • Accepts 25' of .095" line
  • Comes pre-loaded with .095" Cross-Fire® line
Speed-Feed® 450: Part# 99944200903