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  • Well balanced and easily operated with one hand

    I purchased a CS 355T arborist saw to reduce fatigue while limbing and brush cutting. I usually use an Echo 680, which has proven to be an excellent saw for larger wood and has been problem-free. The CS 355T is well balanced and easily operated with one hand. I was particularly pleased with the power and chain speed in a saw with a power head of less than 8 pounds. Having used chainsaws for 50 plus years I find vibration to be fatiguing. The CS 355T is well isolated and remarkably vibration free. The fuel capacity is sufficient to allow operation of the saw for a reasonably long period of time. and won't leave you stuck in a tree needing to fill the tanks. It is a great saw for the price and very competitive with any European saw of equal displacement. A particularly nice feature is the ease of starting. Once the priming bulb is full it generally starts with two pulls when cold. With the motor hot one pull gets it running.

    Doug Coeur D Alene, ID

    I have had many years experience with many different brands of chain saws. I purchased a Husqvarna four years ago and it gave me nothing but grief. It constantly jammed, would not put enough oil on the chain (no adjustment), and very annoyingly would fall over often when I would set it down. With very poor dealer support I finally got fed up and purchased an ECHO CS490. What a joy this saw is to use! It has performed beautifully! Lots of power, never stalls or jams, has a chain oil adjustment when I need it and never tips over when I set it down. I would highly recommend an ECHO chainsaw to anyone !

    Leigh Bonshaw, PE
  • I recently bought an Echo CS-310, great little chainsaw. it's super light and starts very easily, powers through hardwoods easily. I use it to cut firewood & find it very fun to use compared to heavier saws I've owned. I have found myself looking for things to cut since getting this saw. This is the 16-inch bar, the shortest I've ever owned but find it perfect for trees 12-14" diameter. For the price, this may be the best saw out there. Highly recommended.

    Mike Steinbach, MB
  • Perfect For the Job

    In addition to being a professional arborist for five years, I am also a homeowner and often need a small chain saw to limb up a tree, cut one down or prune a small bush.  The CS-355T is perfect for the job.  It's very comparable to the Stihl 020T chain saw.  It takes very little effort to start and idles smoothly.  Perhaps one drawback is that it seems to have less power than the Stihl  model.  Overall, it's a great chain saw - highly recommended!

    Amos G. Christiana, PA
  • Buying an ECHO was a wise investment

    My ECHO CS-3000 Chain Saw has served me well since 1996. Met all my cutting requirements, no issues or repairs. It's easy on maintenance. I keep the chain sharp and clean the saw after use. Yep buying an ECHO was a wise investment.

    Bob U. Gulfport, Florida
  • ECHO Chain Saw

    If you don't have one of these saws in your truck's tool box, I highly recommend that you get one. It is reliable and dependable. There is nothing worse than being outside cutting your firewood and having a saw that won't run.

    Bruce Luzerne, MI
  • My ECHO Tools Will Be Handed Down When I Pass!

    I bought my CS-500 Chain Saw in the early eighties. It has been used regularly and has NOT been pampered. I bought it new and have never been sorry! It has never had any problems. I have only had it tuned up professionally once. It starts easily, runs flawlessly and has been a wonderful machine. The only thing I have had to do is replace the bar and chain. Because of my very positive experience with this saw, I have recently purchased an ECHO Gas Trimmer and an ECHO Backpack Blower. I have NO doubts that my ECHO tools will be handed down to my kids when I pass. Thank you ECHO for providing such quality equipment!

    Charlie Z. Taylors, SC
  • My Go-To Saw

    Working for a municipality, I need durable and long-lasting equipment.  From 100 degree days to days below zero, the new ECHO CS-355T topper is definitely my go-to saw.

    Chris E. Wauconda Public Works Wauconda, IL
  • No Complaints

    Thus far I have absolutely no complaints with your saw.  Granted, I am a consultant and haven't used it extensively, but I have been impressed with its performance considering I have always been partial to Stihl's MS-200T.  Your saw is lightweight, durable and powerful enough to tackle the jobs I've used it on to date.  It's been ideal for my use.

    Chris S. Battlefield, MO
  • Best Saw on the Market

    I was very impressed with the 355T.  As a tree guy, I thought it was well thought out.  I especially like the wrist support in the handle.  It had more than enough power.  I passed the saw around to ten of my Asplundh crews so I got the opinion of about 30 guys.  They all really liked it.  I don't know how this saw will hold up, but I have climbed with Husky's and Stihl's for 20+ years and I think this is the best saw on the market.

    Dan S. Asplundh Tree Expert Co. Camp Lake, WI
  • Always Dependable and Easy to Start!

    Purchased two chain saws (CS-330T) at Bailey's as they had a pretty good sale. Also purchased the newest model (CS-341). Have had good luck with ECHO. They make clean up here and around the ranch easy. They are always dependable and easy to start. Keep up the good, simple, excellent quality.

    Gary C. Granite Bay, CA
  • There Is No Better Saw!

    I travel across the entire United States doing lumberjack shows and have had the opportunity to try out just about every make and model of chainsaw out there. There is no better saw than the ECHO CS-600P. It is incredibly lightweight and very powerful. I’ve been running mine for a couple of years and it is still running as well as the first day I bought it. To me, that is a true testament to the durability, design, and craftsmanship of this saw.

    Jamie Fischer All American Lumberjack Show Stillwater, MN
  • I Can't Believe the Performance and Durability!

    I bought a Stihl 024av to use on the 1.6 acre wooded property where I live. The saw ran great for a few months then it didn't want to run right. I took it to a Stihl dealer a few times and it would work for a little then do the same thing again. After about 3 times at the Stihl dealer I took it to Wengers Small Engine Repair, my local ECHO dealer, where they told me it had been running lean an ruined the engine. So I purchased an ECHO CS-400 saw and had it over a year without a single problem. I can't beleive the performance and dependability of this saw! Now when I want to cut wood I don't have to worry if my saw will start and keep running till the job is done!

    Jason S. Stevns, PA
  • Then Hurricane Sandy Came...

    Hello. My name is Jose. I live on Long Island, NY. My wife, Jackie, and I bought our home in Oct. 1999 for our family. The first home warming gift I received was an ECHO Chain Saw from her. I got the hint. I used it here and there and even lent it out. No problem, no complaints. Then Hurricane Sandy came. Trees came down everywhere. This chain saw changed the way I look at trees. My brothers in-law, Orlando, John, and Jesse, helped with the clean-up. This tree that fell down was a monster. But we did with what we had - the chain saw had its work cut out but it surprised the hell out me and Jackie's brothers. Thank you for a product well done.

    Jose R Long Island, NY
  • Works as Good as the Day it was Bought

    I have used the CS-310 for two seasons and it still works as good as the day it was bought. It starts within four pulls when it’s cold and after warm up it’s a one pull deal every time. The tool provided is all you need to change or adjust the chain and everything else is done without tools. All of the controls are easy to use—for once engineers did it right! The only problem I have is it leaks bar oil when you set it down. It’s not much but enough to make it aggravating. An interesting note. I used my girlfriends Stihl with a little more power, larger bar and a little extra weight. The controls were nearly identical and I am wondering if Echo makes Stihl. The bottom line is both saws did the job they were designed to do. 

    Joseph H. Yellville, AR
  • Run Over by a Truck?!


    We just wanted to write you and let you know that your ECHO chainsaws are amazing!  My husband and his buddy were trimming our ironwood trees in our backyard when it began raining.  My husband hid the chainsaw (a CS-306) under the truck (a full size Ford F150) and they took a break on the deck until the rain passed.  They got hack to work about 20 mins later and my husband got into his truck to drive to the dump.  As he's pulling out of the yard he feels his truck go over a big bump and it dawns on him (though a minute too late) that the chainsaw was still under the truck!  He gets out and looks under the truck, convinced that he'll be recovering broken pieces of plastic and bent metal.  To his surprise, there was the ECHO chainsaw in one piece!  What's more, he starts the thing up right then and it runs!  He wants to say thank you for building a great product and he'll buy an ECHO brand chainsaw next time he needs one, for sure! 

    Kai B Hawi, HI
  • I Was Literally Blown Away! What a Product! (CS-400; Chainsaw)

    In this day and age of customer complaints and dissatisfaction, it is so refreshing to purchase a product (such as your ECHO CS-400 chainsaw which I had changed over to a 14" blade) that actually does what it is supposed to!!! It is SO RARE today especially in Power Equipment. As a long time "land owner" for the past 28 yr. residing 26 mi S of Dallas TX, I have owned many chainsaws. 3-4 McCollughs, a Husquarvana, a Poulon or two (junk), a Partner (still running after 35 yr), a couple of Homelites and Stihl and then I HAD THE GOOD FORTUNE TO BUY ONE OF YOURS! I can not tell you how elated I am with my purchase. I actually bought it almost a year ago after a 14" snow storm dropped many large trees from all the weight. I hired a pro who used my saw for 8-9 hours a day, for 6 days straight and not a single problem. Can you imagine? If you use a chainsaw you will know what I mean. During this past summer I would guess the saw was used a couple times a month and the last time I recall anyone using it was in November. Sorry to report, I didn't drain the fuel (which I know I should have) and today 4 months later it started up on the third pull by a worker that I had doing some work on my property. I was literally blown away. What a product. I love it! Other than replacing the blade (just today, believe it or not) I haven't had a single problem at all. Sure the chain will come loose after an hour or two. It's plain simple science that will always occur, regardless of the saw. I purchased mine at City Bicycle Shop in Waxahachie TX where the owner Dean and his Head Mechanic, who is a true professional, Lee, steered me to your product (and they carry many other lines) and pointed out the exceptional warranty and that was the deciding factor for me. Thank you for caring enough to build a product that lasts and does what it is supposed to. As a semi retired (medically) Disabled US Army Vet who works as a consultant to the president of a major housewares product line that does just that, as well: (http://www.lakeindustries.com) and it is good to know that another American Company is involved (as we are) in "American Ingenuity, European Style & Design and Asian Manufacturing". A true Global Product from another great American company. Feel free to use this email or any portions of it (with my approval after editing, please) as I really have been promoting your products and will continue to do so. They really are the BEST! Best Wishes and may you continue to enjoy good success.

    Arthur Dallas, TX
  • When It Really Counted…ECHO Shined! (Chainsaw)

    I am not one to usually write to a company. In this situation I felt like you needed to know about one of your products. My name is Blake and I live just south of Birmingham, AL. As you are aware, April 27, 2011 proved to be a day of devastation for our entire state. One of the towns hit was my wife's hometown, Cullman, AL. We couldn't sit around knowing that so many in our state were in need, so this past weekend I loaded my truck with food, water, supplies and equipment and we drove to Cullman. I need to interrupt my story to give you some background information. Fortunately, I had some light work to do around my house a month ago and after shopping for a new chainsaw I decided to spend a bit more than I wanted and buy an ECHO. I purchased it at Bluff Park Hardware Store in Hoover, AL. It worked fine on the light work I did soon after buying it. So now to jump forward to this past weekend... Upon arriving in the neighborhood where my wife grew up, it became obvious that the only tool I'd need was my chainsaw. Very large trees were down on houses, were blocking power crews and other volunteers from getting in the area to work. I began cutting trees and the difference between my saw and the others was obvious from the start. I was cutting larger trees with my ECHO with a 16 inch bar than the 4 other guys were with their Poulan, Craftsman, Husqvarna and McCullough with 18 and 20 inch bars. I was beyond impressed with the rate with which I cut. Of the work done with chainsaws this past weekend on the property where I was working, I was responsible for at least 50% of it despite working with 1 of 5 saws...and that was by the other men's admission. Before our work was finished every other worker was vowing to own an ECHO saw and to buy one as soon as possible, not just when their current saw quit working. All of this story is to say, when it really counted for people and their lives, ECHO shined and exceeded expectations. I'm a proud owner and I can't wait to get past this disaster so I can save enough money to buy more of your products. Thank you for making such quality equipment and allowing me to have such a productive weekend on behalf of the people of Alabama. With quality ECHO equipment we will be back, better than ever, before too long. Best Regards,

    Blake Birmingham, AL
  • ECHO Saw Survives Watery Plunge (CS-310; Chainsaw)

    Today I purchased an ECHO CS-310 Chainsaw. I took it home, started her up and cutting I went. Now, I have a small private island next to my property and attempted to clear it off for use. As my neighbor and I are cutting trees along the shore, I lose my balance and where do you think the chainsaw goes (it was running)? 8ft straight to the bottom! After a few choice words I had to go in and get it! I jump in the pond, swim to the bottom and retrieved a water logged chainsaw. I thought I was doomed. I pulled the spark plug, gave her a few pulls, re-installed the spark plug and she started right up! Needless to say I did finish the job and the wife is happy! Ever think about underwater tools? haha

    Bryan Ladys Island, SC
  • The Best Lawn Equipment Sold! (Blower; Trimmer; Chainsaw)

    Thank you for making such quality products. I love my ECHO blower (very old but still running strong) and my trimmer is the best I have ever owned and the same for my new chain saw. I will never buy another brand now that I have used your product! Thanks,

    Cary Mansfield, TX
  • Impressed with ECHO! (Chainsaw)

    On the advice of my uncle who has a 25 yr old STILL-working ECHO Chainsaw, I decided to follow his advice, and give your brand a try. I am impressed. It is without a doubt, by far, the easiest to start small engine I’ve ever had. Believe me I’ve tried just about all of them. When I have to replace any other small engine equipment, I will be looking at ECHO.

    Dan Bastrop, TX
  • They Always Say: "Nice Saw!"

    Hey there. I've been using my Echo CS-600P for almost a year now. It's been fantastic! I mostly use the 20" bar but also have a 27" for larger trees. It always starts right away and cuts through anything as long as I keep the chain in decent shape. Everything is easy to get to, especially when it comes to switching chains and performing routine maintenance. It's a great saw. It cuts all day long. I usually have to take a break before it does. I would recommend this saw to anyone. It has a ton of power, is extremely reliable and handles anything that I can throw at it. Whenever anyone else is cutting with me, especially those who've been around saws all of their lives, they always say, "Nice saw!" That pretty much says it all. Be safe out there.

    Fred Indianapolis, IN
  • Assorted ECHO Products (CS-3000; Chainsaw)

    Willing to Spend the Money I just spent more money than I could have, but know I'd be regretting it later if I didn't. Although I didn't know it at the time, my first ECHO was on the Mantis Roto-tiller. I've had it now for over 10 years, and was amazed at how easily it started all the time. My next ECHO was a small (12" chain saw, the CS-3000. I was up in the mountains about 5 years ago and my only chain saw (24" broke. The work I was doing had to get done, or it would have meant months of re-scheduling. I went to the closest hardware store and…spent two hundred dollars on the smallest one I could. I figured I could get by with it, was I ever wrong. Of all the chain saws I own or have ever owned, that saw has been the most reliable and easiest to start. It is now the most used and favorite saw. This summer (2004) I wanted to buy a gas powered leaf blower. I didn't want to spend the extra money for the ECHO, but I knew I had to if I wanted the tool to work for me, instead of me working on the tool. Thanks for making a quality product. Sincerely,

    Dan San Jose, CA
  • Built to Last (Chainsaw)

    This is the most amazing story on the quality of Echo equipment. I purchased a new Echo chainsaw in 1995. I have taken this chain saw camping every time we go so we can harvest dead firewood. In November 2006, my best friend and I went camping on the Indian River in Florida. The weather turned very cold and windy as we set up the camp. My chain saw was used three months prior on another camping trip. The chain saw was accidentally dropped into the salt water and placed back in the case. I was unaware of this until I opened the case. Mind you this chain saw is nearly 11 years old and has been used in the harshest salt-water conditions. The chain saw was sitting in salt water and the chain had rusted to the bar. The aluminum fins on the engine were corroded together. The pull cord only pulled out and would not retract due to the salt-water corrosion. We had less than one hour of sunlight. My friend looked at the chain saw and told me it was done. I worked on the chain saw for about thirty minutes and finally freed up the chain. I tapped on the front sprocket until it would move. I added new gas and moved the pull cord around until it would pull all the way out. I primed the saw and it STARTED. This was amazing as I thought my old saw was finally done. I can't kill this saw. It has outlasted ALL of my friend's chain saws. If it were not for the Echo quality and durability, we would have had a long, cold camping trip. I recently purchased a new Echo 306 chain saw and I am keeping the old one. My Echo string trimmer and blower are also nearly 11 years old and run fine... This story is factual and amazing. Good Job,

    Greg Palm Coast, FL
  • I Can Get the Job Done and Have Fun Doing It!

    When my grandfather's 1971 70cc mcculloch chainsaw finally blew up this year we needed a replacement. So we figured since we have a GT-160ae trimmer that still runs great, we would go with ECHO. So i picked through ebay and got a CS-400, and a couple of CS-600P's and I couldn't be more impressed or happier. My cousin and I had our 600's buried in red oak every bit of 2 ft. in diameter and never bogged or sputtered. I LOVE these saws. I purchased a CS-680 for my grandfather and i have been so preoccupied with my 600 we haven't gotten a chance to get it out yet. Being a member of the arboristsite I talked to a few people to help me hop up my CS 400 and that saw is a cutting beast now considering its a 40cc saw. Bottom line, with this line up I can get the job done and have fun doing it. Thanks guys.

    Dustin Chaplin, KY
  • 30 Foot Drop - No Problem! (CS-400; Chainsaw)

    We just finished a very difficult job in which my son dropped our CS-400 Chain Saw 30 feet down in which it landed on a concrete walkway due to a faulty carabineer. I picked it up thinking it would be damaged in some which way, shape or form. Yet, you couldn't even tell it had been dropped and it worked perfectly!! When I purchased it, I did so because it had an aluminum handle instead of a plastic one. On the same job, one of my other workers dropped my partner’s Husqvarna from about the same height and it broke the handle. Nice job ECHO!!

    James Hamm's Tree Service San Bernardino, CA
  • Made a Great Choice in Buying ECHO

    I bought a new chainsaw for cutting wood with my friends this summer. As we headed out the guys asked me what type of chainsaw did I buy. I told them it was an Echo CS400 and they started laughing and telling me oh you should have bought a Stihl or a Husqvarna there the best. As we got out into the woods we all fired up our chainsaws and went to work on two fallen trees. a little nervous about the saws I bought it all went away when the CS400 was acually cutting much faster and kepted up with the other two saws just fine. After the day was done we loaded up the trailer and the saws the guys told me wow that saw work really well we could hardly keep up with you. I just smiled and knew that I made a great choice in buying an Echo. Thanks so much for building a good product.Keep up the good work!!

    Kenneth Folsom, CA
  • Saws Circles Around the Competition! (CS-3000; Chainsaw)

    More then twelve years ago I bought my first saw, an ECHO CS-3000. Since then I have purchased several other saws including a commercial duty Stihl. I will tell you honestly that my equipment gets severely abused. If I treated a human like I run my saws I would be doing twenty to life. This tells me however which tools to grab for when there is no time to play games. The only saw that I have that has survived to date is my ECHO which is currently sawing circles around my last remaining Stihl (ms 360 at that). I have cut everything with my ECHO short of the hood off my old ford. By the way it did a nice job trimming the kitchen counter top in my cabin. Still on the original plug, filter, bar, and only its third chain this thing is a true winner. After what I have seen buying anything other then another ECHO would be just plain stupid. So if you are looking for a saw to take out into the wild and bet your life on then I would recommend either buying an ECHO or a better life insurance policy. I am looking forward to replacing my Stihl with a new ECHO. Thank you, ECHO, for being the only one to live up to my tough standards.

    James New Era, MI
  • Starts Easily and Reliably

    I purchased a new CS-600P from Allcoast Saw and Garden in Coos Bay, Oregon and I really like the saw. It starts easily and reliably and is built just as good or better than my Stihl MS362, and it also looks better than my Stihl MS362 IMO.

    Kent T. Coos Bay, OR
  • After reading so many reviews I decided to upon buying the CS490. I was going to buy the Husqvarna CC50 but change my mind because of the price, possibly the support issues and cost for parts. The CS490 every easy to start after 4x out of the box. I did not have to adjust any settings. The saw is not heavy and the main parts are made of magnesium ( this was what I read from the reviews). Yes, I wish the handle was metal and not plastic. I paid $498cdn. from the home depot. I would have bought the CS 590 from Koo Brother as per their advertised price for $509 CDN. but out of stock. So far the saw is working great. And yes, I would recommend this product to any homeowner. The size tree I cut so far was 7 inches in diameter.

    Livingston Mississauga, ON
  • I bought this saw because of the great features and power compared to other brands which are more expensive. It starts and runs great and cuts perfectly. I am very happy with my purchase.

    Steve Glencairn, ON
  • One of the Best Saws I've Ever Used!

    I purchased an ECHO CS-400 Chainsaw about 4 months ago, and this is one of the best saws I've ever used. I do chainsaw carvings for a living, and the 18" bar really does the job for some of the bigger cuts I make. Whether it be Pine, or solid logs of Oak, it has smooth operation, plenty of power, and this thing does NOT give up. When the engine is cold, it starts right up after 2 pulls of the cord. When warm, I barely even have to pull the cord once! It's also very easy to clean and maintain. This may be one of my favorite "toys" I have ever owned!! -S. G. Martin

    Steve S. G. Martin Carvings Warren, MI
  • ECHO – An Easy Decision (Chainsaw)

    I grew up using every brand of chainsaw out there, we had them all. When it came time for me to purchase my first chainsaw, it was an easy decision. After using every brand, ECHO impressed me the most. The value and durability are unmatched by anyone out there. A lifelong ECHO user,

    Jamie All American Lumberjack Show Stillwater, MN
  • The Best Handheld Equipment! (Trimmer; Blower; Chainsaw)

    I truly believe ECHO still makes the best handheld equipment. I now own a SRM-200DA trimmer (yep it’s old), a PB-6000 backpack blower, a CS-510 chainsaw and a new CS600p. Awesome equipment, keep up the good work!

    Jim Evans City, PA
  • 1978 Chain Saw (ECHO VL 500; Chainsaw)

    Still Running After 25 Years Back around 1978, I bought my first chainsaw, an ECHO VL 500. I chose this model because my Dad owned one that gave him very little trouble. Over the years, many people have made fun of my chainsaw but the joke is on them, it is a great saw. I have worked construction off and on for fifteen years. The company that I work for uses only Stihl, most of which are new. I can't begin to count the number of days that I wished I had my ECHO with me to show them what a real chainsaw runs like. I am very demanding of a chainsaw and can honestly say that this saw suits me just fine, (it’s) strong and dependable. After 25 years of faithful service, my ECHO is still running strong, as is my Dad's. Sincerely,

  • Will Own Nothing But ECHO (Brushcutter; CS-530 Chainsaw)

    I purchased a 32 cc steel shaft brush cutter 9 years ago. I have used it for brushcutting and weed eating. It has NEVER failed me yet. All I have ever had to do to it is put a new gas line and a new air filter on it. I just purchased an ECHO CS-530 chain saw. I love it. I have used other brands of saws in the past. It is very nice when you go to cut to be able to cut and not have to work on the saw to get to run. I will NEVER own nothing but ECHO products in the future.

    Joey Harrison, AR
  • ECHO CS-530…SWEET! (CS-370 and CS-530; Chainsaw)

    About 2 years ago I bought a CS-370. I run that saw hard and cut uncountable amount of wood without 1 single problem. It started with 2 pulls cold and 1/2 pull when warmed up. I was very pleased with the performance of that saw for the size of it. Was so pleased, that I decided I need a little more power that I bought a CS-530 the other day. THIS SAW IS SWEET!!!! I had my dealer/good friend, set it up with the 16" bar instead of the 20" it came with. This thing flat out screams. I can cut 4 times faster with it than with the 370. Never knew a chain saw can throw big chips 10 feet. With the .325 pitch chain and 16" bar it will fly through a log. When I got it home it only took 2 pulls to start cold and less then 1/2 pull to start warmed up. This combination makes this saw so nice. Still well balanced and the weight won't break your back or your wallet. I know I am an echo fan for sure now. As far as I am concerned, I won't even think about other brands. Going to go see Rodger about a weedeater now. Keep up the good work making good, dependable and affordable power tools.

    Kenneth Hickory, KY
  • ECHO and the Show Go On! (CS-530 and CS-680; Chainsaw)

    I am Lee LeCaptain, owner of the International Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show am very PROUD to use ECHO products. We have been using ECHO Chain Saws and products in the Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show for the past six years. During this time we have never had any problems with any ECHO brand products. However, we have had many accolades. ECHO is reliable, durable, and an indispensable product for the professional. My favorite saws are the Professional CS-530, and the Professional CS-680. Thanks ECHO for making my job much easier!

    Lee Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show Inc
  • Outperforms the Competition! (CS-600P; Chainsaw)

    Hi. I just purchased an ECHO CS-600P chainsaw and put it to the test. It sawed through a 20" Oak like cutting hot butter!!....No stalls, no bogdowns, easy to clean with excellent customer service from my local dealer. Not to mention the best warranty in the business. I shopped around looking at all major brands and ECHO provided the best overall service and deal for me. I've owned a comparable STIHL saw and the ECHO CS-600P outperforms it hands down!! Sincerely,

    Michael Harvest, AL
  • Nothing But ECHO Products! (CS-341, SRM-230S; Blower; Chainsaw; Trimmer)

    WILL BUY NOTHING ELSE!!! I have nothing but ECHO products at home and I really fell in love with them at work. We use all ECHO to mow our entire airport and they never fail. Some 17 years old plus! I have had the SAME blower at home (ECHO PB-1000) for 16 years now and it still fires on the 3rd pull cold. I have used many different chainsaws for trimming over the years and so far the ECHO CS-300 and 341 have been bullet proof. I dropped the saws from over 40 foot heights several times on accident and it still runs like a champ. I have dropped several other competitor saws and they did not make it. I now have and ECHO SRM-230S trimmer and a CS-300 chainsaw at home and I am amazed! Thank You ECHO for such a wonderful product!

    Nathan Naples, FL
  • Runs Like a Champ! (Chainsaw)

    I bought your saw last summer and have been using it again this spring for about 8hrs straight on two different days. Other then gas and bar oil and sharpening the extra chain that I also bought it runs like a champ! It has great cutting ability and more than enough power. I own 5 acres of land and have been thinking about moving to wood heat for my home. After the buying this saw it has been so easy to make this decision for my family. Keep up the good work and technology

    Paul Madison, WI
  • Underwater Chain Saw! (CS-306; Chainsaw)

    I bought a chainsaw a couple years back - a model CS-306. I was cutting some trees at Lake Martin for some fish beds and the saw was pinched in one of the trees as it went into the lake. It took me 45 days and a diver to get it back. I cleaned all the mud out of the starter and drained all the fluids and put in new. It started on the third pull and has been running with no problems. I just wanted you to know I thought it would be some good advertising for ECHO. P.S. I just recently bought a second ECHO chain saw, a much larger one 600 series. I also have a leaf blower and trimmer. You have great, reliable products.

    Robin Lake Martin, AL
  • 1982 Chain Saw (ECHO 500 VL; Chainsaw)

    I was just on your web site for the first time. I was reading some customer letters. 2 of my neighbors and myself each purchased a new Echo 500VL at the same dealer on the same day. That was in 1982. Mine still runs like new. Couldn't tell you how many 20" chains I've gone through but it still has the original bar. I cut between 6-8 cord of wood every year. I've rebuilt the carb just once. I change the plug every couple of years. It still runs like brand new. As for the other 2 that were bought that day I have them both. Got them after their owners passed away. They also run like new. Best money ever spent. Thanks,

    Ron Slippery Rock, PA
  • 1977 Chain Saw (CS-302; Chainsaw)

    I bought an ECHO 302 chain saw in 1977. Although I have used it occasionally for firewood cutting, I really did not know its capabilities until Hurricane Charley. Maitland, a suburb of Orlando, Florida, took a direct hit from Charley. Many trees down in the neighborhood with most roads blocked. The neighbors came together to open the roads and take the trees off of rooftops. I ran my elderly saw for 3 days straight and it outperformed all the other small chainsaws (most new) to the point that others laid their saws down and started moving the limbs and logs that the ECHO was chewing through almost faster than they could keep up. It started easily (last service probably 10 years ago) and with a sharp, well-oiled chain was unstoppable. Great machine. Thanks,

    Ron Maitland, FL
  • Easy to Use!

    After a lot of research, we chose an ECHO chainsaw. Easy to use and safe! My wife thanks ECHO chainsaws!

    Steven S. Newport, NH
  • This is a Test

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  • I Love All MY ECHO Products! (CS-400; Chainsaw)

    I just bought my 3rd ECHO product. This is a CS-400 chainsaw. It’s great - lots of power. I also have a backpack type leaf blower and weed trimmer - all work great. I have had them about 2years now (and) never have a problem with them. That’s why I bought the chainsaw. ECHO products are made so good. I looked at other products but ECHO has always been number 1 to me and will always buy ECHO. Guys keep up the great work. I love all my ECHO products thank you so much.

    Terry Decherd, TN
  • These Things are Something Else!

    I love your products. The first ECHO I purchased was a CS-400 for my father 4 years ago. He was buying a new saw every couple of years and I was tired of seeing him put his money in to a product that wouldn't last. We both heat our houses with wood and cut numerous cords of wood each year and have been for years. After running his CS-400 that first year, I bought myself a CS-600P and absolutely love it!! The following summer we both purchased ECHO string trimmers, mine..SRM-225, his..SRM-230. Yesterday I bought a CS-341 from my local dealer for trimming duties. I want to thank you folks for making some great equipment. I've always loved working outside and love 2-stroke motors, but these things of yours are something else!!! The power you are getting from such small displacements is unbelievable!! Pure joy to work with. The only problem I have is the constant search for a reason to buy the next one!!! Next for me CS-8000, why? Why not!!! Thanks ECHO!!

    Tom B. Eighty Four, PA
  • 30+ Years of Ownership! (CS-315 and CS-400; Chainsaw)

    On November 22, 1978, (not a typo) I purchased a CS-315 chain saw with kit from Wilson's Outdoor Equipment Co. here in Raleigh. (No, I am not seeking warranty repairs. Please read on.) Much to my sorrow, the saw was stolen on October 13, 2010 along with other items from our vacation home. Ironically, the thief only stole the saw. He left the case, tools and extra chains that were in the case along with the saw. I can't begin to tell you how many cords of firewood I have cut with it, not to mention all the clean up work done after hurricanes, ice storms and other storms we have endured in the past 30+ years of ownership in addition to just regular trimming. I was actually considering contacting you before the theft to see if somehow I had maybe set a record for endurance with one of your saws. The only repairs I made over all those years were to replace a recoil drum in 2006 and repair the recoil spring years before. I would think I had a problem with the saw if it took more than 3 pulls of the starter cord before starting, no matter how long it had been between uses. Anyhow, I began researching new saws and of all the brands, settled on an ECHO CS-400. Based on reviews and my experience with my 315, I have purchased one, but have not had the opportunity to use it. I can only hope that it will give me half the satisfaction that my old 315 gave me. Just thought I would share my experience with you. Keep up the good work! Sincerely,

    Tom Raleigh, NC
  • Great Products (Hedge Trimmer; Trimmer; Chain Saw)

    I personally own a ECHO hedge trimmer, string trimmer and chain saw and they are all the best equipment I have had the experience to use. I work as a landscaper for a company and Echo is the only way we go. Your products has saved us time and money on many job sites. I would not recommend a different outdoor name brand to anyone. Just wanted to let you guys know what great products you have out on the market and how they have made my everyday life easier out on the job.

    Tony Wethersfield, CT
  • Another Superior ECHO Product (CS-370; Chainsaw)

    I just have to tell you that I recently purchased a CS-370 as my then current chainsaw failed me when I needed it. I don't need a chainsaw all that often but when I do, it must be reliable. We live in a hilly and reasonably heavily forested area and recently the local power company came through and removed trees along a power line running over our property. I should say that they remove the smaller branches, leaves etc. but leave the trunks and larger branches. Given the size and location of the trunks, I had to cut them up and welcomed the firewood. After pulling on my then current saw until I was blue in the face, I gave up and purchased the CS-370. As expected, it started on the 2nd pull out of the box and went through the tree trunks so quickly and easily I couldn't believe it. For the first time and after wasting money on three chainsaws before I purchased the Echo, the saw did the work, not me. It is a comfort to know that I now have a reliable, dependable saw as we have had trees fall very near our home, across the road etc. from time to time and a chainsaw is a necessity even though it is not needed on a regular basis. Another superior Echo product, my third and counting. I can only hope that you don't begin manufacturing something like landing gear assemblies for 747s since I am now such a fan, that if you did, painted it orange and put an Echo name on it, I'd probably buy it even though I don't have a plane of any sort, much less a 747.

    Walker Corralitos, CA