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    I have had a PPT-2400 pruner with automatic chain oiler (Ser.# 528136) for many years and have never had to take it to the shop for any reason. It only gets used 5 or 6 times a year and yet it has never failed to start on the 4th or 5th pull at any time. As a home owner with a 3 acre landscaped yard it doesn't have that many hr's on it but it has had some heavy use and most always fully extended cutting oak limbs 6" to 12" in dia. The last use was limbing a large oak tree before falling it and the limb fell and landed ot top of the chain bar breaking the lower chain case and bar mount and bending the bar. I just ordered the replacement parts from partstree.com and they arrived today. My main reason for submitting this testimonial about the saw is the lack of service needed and the ease of repairs. The only tools needed to replace the whole gear case mechicnisum is a 10 mm end wrench and an alen wrench, (I couldn't read the size but about 1/8th in.) and a total time of about 1/2 half hr. with no repair manual. Thank You ECHO

    Kenneth W. Newberry, FL