Product Selector Guide

Welcome to our Product Selector Guide. This was developed to help you find the best product match for your needs.

You must answer all the questions before a product recommendation will be served. You may see more than one selection and you will always be served with a “trade-up” model for more power and performance. If you wish to change your responses or see additional selections, click the “Start Over” button to re-set the questions.

  • Curved shaft:
  • Popular for shorter individuals (under 6’ tall) and women
  • Lighter weight than similar displacement straight shaft models
  • Great for maneuvering around objects like posts and trees
  • Straight Shaft:
  • Popular for taller individuals (over 6’ tall)
  • Greater choice of engine displacements; gear reduction for greater cutting torque
  • Great for areas where longer reach is required, such as underneath bushes

Trimmers Selector

  • What is the size of your property?
  • .25 acre or less
  • .50 acre
  • .75 acre
  • greater than .75 acre
  • Do you prefer a curved shaft or a straight shaft?
  • Curved
  • Straight
  • How long will you be using the unit per job?
  • 1-20 minutes
  • 21-60 minutes
  • Over 60 minutes
  • What will be your most demanding task?
  • Light trimming after mowing
  • Trimming along a fence line or building
  • Edging along a sidewalk
  • Trimming thick, heavy grass
  • Clearing heavy brush including small trees
  • Professional landscaping/property maintenance
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